Serving the South Shore of Montreal Region

With a Bachelor's of law and Diploma of Notarial Law (D.D.N.) Mtre Marie-Eve Brown has been a practicing notary in La Prairie since 2008.  She has established an excellent reputation in the Montérégie region for the quality of her service, availability and professionalism. 


An accredited family mediator specializing in Family Law and Estate Law, you can trust Mtre Brown to advise you on a wide range of legal matters.  


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LL.B, D.D.N, M.F.A

Civil Law Notary and Family Mediator

(450) 444-4669

Family Mediation

Draft agreement (divorce)

Common Law Spouses

Common Law Contract

Wedding Ceremony

Marriage Contract


Protective Mandate

Power of Attorney



Tutorship Council



Last Will and Testament

Certificates of Will Search

Estate Inventory

Estate Settlement

Estate Mediation

Will Probate

Transfer Between Spouses

Gift and Donation



Promise to Purchase

Debt Consolidation



Member of the Association de médiation familiale du Québec (AMFQ)


Member of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec (CNQ)


Member of l'Association Professionnelle des Notaires du Québec (APNQ)

845 de la Mennais, La Prairie (Québec), J5R 6G4   Tel: (450) 444-4669


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